the Streets of New Milwaukee
The 2011 Greater Milwaukee Foundation Marl L. Nohl Fellowships Exhibition @ Inova, Milwaukee
American Fantasy Classics & Ben Miller, John Riepenhoff, Rudy Medina,
Alyx Christiansen, Brenna Murphy, John Kowalczyk, Skully Gustafson,
Eric Moore, Richard Galling, Santiago Cucullu, Amanda Tollefson,
Chuck Wagon, Sean Blott, Francoise Gamma, The Hills Esthetic Center,
Stardrifter Mead, Jenna Knapp, Rank & Son, Juiles Marquis,
Gilles and Club Nutz.

View the Nite Life Ads, by Oliver Sweet

"The street scene itself, (a direct reference to the Streets of Old Milwaukee Exhibition at milwaukee's public museum) is a combination of a third world bizarre and Dystopian future, as depicted in our favorite Science fiction classics. A crumbling, makeshift, American street scene where cultures mix, degenerate and adapt to the failings of our way of life. Populated by freaks and weirdos, futuristic Rastafarian punks and disgruntled cyborgs, the dark streets are riddled with graffiti and garbage, and in the air is the smell of chemical waste and the melody of electronic drones struggling to harmonize. Out of these streets, fucked and bombed, a thriving culture arises nonetheless. The street carts and storefronts and that remain standing house the contributors to this fictional culture; artists making the best of what they've been left to work with, some relishing in the the chaos. The installation is physical science fiction, as well as a platform for artists and musicians to explore their own projects in this fictional context."

Photos: Scott Gara