In 2010, Small Space and nAbr Gallery organized a very spooky group show with over 20 artists in two locations.

This Year, on October 29th, we will celebrate the death of Small Space's Holton Ave. location by re-animating the exhibition on a larger scale.

Main Exhibition on Pierce and Fratney, 3 galleries one building

Exhibition from 7-10pm - 631 E. Center
Video Screening (@nAbr gallery) from 9-10pm - 2974 N. Fratney
Treats (@Small Space) 7-8pm - 533 E. Lloyd St.

Small Space will be open all night, drive or walk by, grab some candy, take a look.

Organized and hosted by

Small Space: 533 E. Lloyd St. (corner of Booth and Lloyd)

nAbr Gallery: 2974 N. Fratney (corner of Fratney and Chambers, in the backyard)

Center & American Fantasy Classics 631 E. Center St. (corner of Center and Pierce)